The American Race Divide #JesusMatters

Hello God Iz Real Peeps 🙂

I know some of you are from outside of the USA and must be wondering if America is burning down like some war torn country. And no, it’s not. Yes, many larger cities do have criminals vandalizing property and setting fire to things while recording it on social media to glorify themselves (they aren’t destroying their own things of course). And Unfortunately, these criminal behavior activists are drowning out the crowds that ARE simply seeking to assemble peacefully so it’s really a hot mess of sorts. Also, it’s very obvious that those vandalizing property have absolutely ZERO knowledge of history or care or concern for these communities since they destroyed monuments constructed in honor of black soldiers and leaders who fought to END slavery as well as black owned businesses in primarily black communities. That makes a lot of sense, right? It’s … bizarre to say the least.

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Friends of mine have been sharing anti-racists bloggers and writers on social media who have African or African-American heritage thus have the ability to speak on behalf of their culture, history and communities. But instead of hate rhetoric and endorsing crime (or volunteering to post bond for criminals), they are sharing LOVE and PEACE. They are not returning evil for evil but are doing good and many are promoting Jesus through their words and actions during this time. It’s really a beautiful thing. It’s good for my soul when I take a moment to pause the hateful images and HEAR (faith comes by hearing) positive messages. So…

I’m saving a few of them here for future reference to self.

Bevelyn Beatty – Founder of At The Well Ministries

Brandon Tatum – The Officer Tatum     

Janelle Batts of the Red River Chronicle

Janelle reminds her viewers that there is no justice higher than God’s justice. He is higher than any other government or person. Which also reminds me of one of my favorite faith strategists (who is not black) but is worth watching if political/faith topics interest you. He and his wife visited and spoke at a church I was attending at the time, and I really enjoy watching his videos when crazy things are happening in the natural. He helps break it down from the spiritual perspective in a clear way to people of faith.

Lance Wallnau                                         

Iced coffee cheers your way and I hope you ingest some positivity today.




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Matthew 24 – The One Who Endures will be Saved

And many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other … sin will be rampant everywhere and the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures will be saved ❤️


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Know Your Rights – Covid Edition

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In light of Covid, so many citizens are simply giving up their rights & voice at the HOA, city, county, state and federal levels. If they don’t, they are being met with some harsh feedback. Well, that wasn’t true for the Dallas salon owner though was it LOL?

In moments when people try to silence you, it is so important for you to remember that this is nothing new and has been ongoing for hundreds – thousands – of years. But at the same time, so many great things have come from some form of push-back or for speaking up when it’s needed (ex. the civil right’s movement, women’s voting laws, or what we saw happen in Georgia with the jogger that was gunned down during a “citizens arrest”).

For those who want to remain silent and follow the majority consensus, that is FINE. But it’s also okay to use your Freedom of Speech rights (unless they somehow offend a news source, your employer, social media community standards, etc.). If the audience doesn’t like people to speak up or give opposing opinions, they shouldn’t read them, or post them, or share things. It is a two-way road.

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Spouse Selection is Soooooo Important

I was working through a book with my blended family small group and got to the part about partner selection. Y’all…. remarriage and blended families are NO JOKE. They are HARD. Partner selection is sooooo important. Which reminded me of this book.

If you are single, divorced or dating, this book is so helpful. It really helped me narrow down what I wanted and what I did NOT want when it came to a husband. It is WAY better to be single that married to Mr. Wrong.

If you have time, check out Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall & Derby Jones.

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UFO Abduction, The Rapture or Maybe Just a Dream

On March 11, 2020 I woke up having had an amazingly awesome dream that I wanted to journal before I forgot it.

In the dream, it was dark outside and I saw a big large light traveling in the sky. I thought it was a helicopter or airplane with a large headlight flying really low. I called my husband over since he works with aircraft and asked him what it was. He said that since it was silent and he couldn’t hear anything that there was no way it was aircraft. The bright light was traveling across the sky from the left to the right. As we sat in awe watching it and anticipating it’s path, it came to a sudden stop, turned toward us and sped ever so quickly directly towards us. A matter of seconds. And I woke up feeling elevated – lifted – out of my body (though I wasn’t). It reminded me of when I went under anesthesia and they put that big light lamp above my face then BAM, I was unconscious. I chalked it all up to a really really cool dream. But, later that day someone mentioned “Jesus is coming soon” and that reminded me again of the dream and the great bright light that “took” me off of my back porch.

Hubs asked me all kinds of questions about the great bright light but it was too hard to explain. LOL. I was never scared at any time & was just in awe at how cool and bright it was. It was quiet. It moved with intention and had or was driven by some form of intelligence. It was not like a meteor and did not have a red tail behind it or anything. It was not fire. It did not have human form and was more like a big bright star. If I saw a picture or movie of something like it, you know like a bright light line up, I could probably point it out.

So, no, I’m not dooms day prepping or claiming I had an alien encounter or anything like that but I DO want to make this journal entry to look back on later.

Have you ever had any cool dreams like that? The kind that really stick with you?

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Thanksgiving 2019

Every year I try to journal what I’m thankful for. This year, it just felt like the same old song and dance. Womp womp wooooomp. Yes, I’m thankful the Lord has sustained us, our family is in good health, we have a lovely home, we’ve made some new friends since moving, the kids have transitioned VERY well to their new school, etc. But still, something was missing. UNTIL. Until y’all. I’ve been journaling, blogging and writing for YEARS. For over a decade. But I’ve wanted to do more. Go bigger. I’ve started an outline for a book. I’ve started a small group. But recently I’ve finally been afforded an opportunity, a forum, the chance to really do what I’ve wanted to do for so long and I’m sooooooooo THANKFUL. Even if it doesn’t work out (which I’m praying it will), even if it doesn’t bear the fruit I’m hoping for (though I’m praying it will), just being given the opportunity was the little “pat on the back” I’ve prayed for, hoped for, and wanted for years and years. So for 2019, I want to say that I’m thankful for each of you that have read my blogs, shared my blogs, and encouraged me along the way. I’m so very thankful that I’m able to pursue my personal passions and use my God given gifts and talents in this manner. Thank you all.

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Celebrity Transformations – Avril Lavinge Edition #AvrilLavinge

Kanye West has been in the news almost daily since his faith conversion and the release of the Jesus is King album. Which got me thinking about some of the other secular artists who share spiritual messages in their music like Avril Lavigne.

A few months ago a neighbor was over and we were playing some of our new favorite music and she showed me this video. I had not really listened to Avril Lavigne since the Skater Boi area but I sure do now. Here is the video she showed me: I Fell In Love With the Devil by Avril Lavigne. The very first line says “Angels and Devils fight over me” and she continues to sing about falling in love with the devil. Any female who has ever fallen for the wrong guy will totally understand that song. But this actually isn’t the song that GOT ME and made me take notice of how spiritual some of her new music is now. This one. This one all day. It’s Head Above Water.

I host a secular blended family small group and this song immediately made me think of some of the ladies in that group. One had a stem cell transplant this year and is battling cancer, one lost an adult son, one lost her husband. I could see their faces in my mind when Avril sang “God, keep my head above water”. Sometimes this faith walk is absolutely victorious and you’re having a power house day, week or month but other times you’re doing good to just breath air, right?

I’m not sure who else needed to hear this song or see this video, but this blog has been nagging at me for DAYS so if it’s you, enjoy.

Coffee cheers your way peeps.

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Prayer of Jabez

I was chatting with the God of the Universe the other day just thanking Him for sustaining me, blessing me, and mentioned that I would just like to hit PAUSE on this moment in life for a few minutes. It was one of those days where the sun seemed to shine brighter, I’d slept great, I was fully content and just so unbelievably thankful for making it through some of the darkest moments of my life. It was a … I am HEALED moment. And I loved that.

Then I remembered that little Prayer of Jabez book I read 15-20 years ago but had forgotten about. Yet there I was remembering that God HAS truly blessed me indeed, enlarged my territory, and kept me from evil. As a human, sometimes we cause others pain and sometimes we endure pain from others. But God y’all. He really does use all things for our good and doesn’t allow the dark times of life to take us over. Though we WALK THROUGH the valley of the shadows of death, He is not only with us but blesses us whether we deserve it or not. Mercy. Grace. Love. Again and again. I am so glad that I’m no longer agnostic and remember that God is Real.

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Life Points Back to the Sun

I went to my annual Women’s Wellness Visit at the clinic a few months ago and found out that my Vitamin D level was extremely low. My doc prescribed me a very large dose of prescription Vit D for 2 months followed by the reminder that I need to continue taking OTC Vit D combined with exposure to sunlight (20-30 minutes a few times a week while using sunscreen of course and avoiding prolonged exposure …. yada yada yada).

I found it interesting that sunlight is so good for your Vitamin D levels so I did what any modern day woman would… “Hey Siri, look up vitamin D and sunlight” and found this article about how Vitamin D is called the Sunshine Vitamin.

And then I remembered Hubs used to say that all plants, tress, and living things grow toward the sun (all life points back to the sun) like eternal life points back to The Son. We need the sun and we need The Son.

I’ve heard that before but the doctor’s appointment was just a little reminder to always remember that. Sometimes it’s the daily life lessons that mean so much.

Iced Tea Cheers Your Way~

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