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Texas Gun Safety Laws…. or lack thereof rant

So, I’m currently working with 2 moms whose kids were killed by guns (well, actually by people who obviously didn’t know how to hold them safely).  One is a mom that I’ve known for years and years and she helped … Continue reading

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Childish Life Lessons

I was sitting with our elementary boys the other day realizing just how often I act like a little kid with God.  Not in a good way with childlike faith but in a bad way with my childishness and selfishness. … Continue reading

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Will the World End in 2012? (End Times Part I)

I know, I know… even Jesus doesn’t know exactly when the end will be.  Matt 24 & Mark 13. And I’m not an eschatology major (is that even possible) or an end times doom and gloom girl.  I’m not even … Continue reading

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