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Inspiration Today – Who Inspires You and Why?

I love following people who inspire me on social media.  People who are doing and living out their passions in open view such as pastors, politicians, motivational speakers and fitness instructors including Shaun T of T25, Zig Ziglar, Joyce Meyer, … Continue reading

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Another Day in the News…. Pediatrician Refuses to Accept Baby as a Patient because Parents are Gay

After much prayer, a pediatrician turns away (or refuses to accept as a new patient) a newborn baby because the parents are lesbians.  This is the news story that popped up when I opened my computer this morning.  See the story … Continue reading

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The Avenger – Child Custody Edition

I know that many people who read or follow my blog do so because of our shared Blended Family struggles.  So, I’ll share one that recently provided me with quite a bit of insight.  My husband was reading the news … Continue reading

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God’s Flower Child

I was at church this morning listening to one of the worship songs and it began to remind me of my faith conversion.  The song mentioned something about being broken.  Oh how that made me laugh on the inside.  My … Continue reading

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