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Praying Circles around your Children by Mark Batterson

Today’s book review…. Praying Cirlces around your Children by Mark Batterson If there are two topics that make me feel like a “loser” (with my hand on my forehead in the shape of an L), it would be child rearing … Continue reading

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Featured Book: Beauty Restored by Me Ra Koh

I was at Covenant Church’s Women’s Legacy Conference earlier this year and just found myself fascinated with one of the speakers.  Probably because she wasn’t churchy, she didn’t have verses on notecards for the screen guy, and she was HILARIOUS … Continue reading

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My Book of the Month Club … (aka God Help Books)

When trying to explain my sometimes “over the top” personality to people, I narrow it down to say that I’m a blend of Oprah and Joyce Meyer.  Well, the Oprah in me always makes me feel like if I give MY red stamp … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (aka Praying for Washington DC)

There are currently so many raw emotions running through our veins right now following the school shooting Friday.  One of many sensless mass murders in the US.  Americans are enraged and they want answers.  They want change.  They want action.  … Continue reading

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Do You Have Street Credit? (aka Supernatural Book & Child Loss)

I had a very brief but amazing conversation with Pastors Joel & Jennifer Saturday night at Covenant.  The short version: As a paralegal, I’ve been working on a civil suit for the wrongful death of a family’s son.  He was negligently … Continue reading

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Righteous Anger Anyone? aka Pastor Joel’s Encouragement

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a woman with a cause.  I work with parents whose children have been killed by negligence, or murdered through domestic violence, and other types of causes (for an attorney who handles … Continue reading

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My Wizard of Oz Experience (aka there’s no place like home)

This past week has been like the movie The Wizard of Oz for me.  I feel as though I’ve been hanging out in my closet digging for a pair of red bling shoes so I can click my heals together … Continue reading

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