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I Totally Get “Doubting Thomas”

I have decided that my brother Thomas gets a bad rap.  Why?  Because my personality is very much like Thomas’ and I feel the need to defend myself for it LOL.  In fact, I like that Thomas is a bit … Continue reading

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Childish Life Lessons

I was sitting with our elementary boys the other day realizing just how often I act like a little kid with God.  Not in a good way with childlike faith but in a bad way with my childishness and selfishness. … Continue reading

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The Storms of Life

On October 27, 2010, I journed about “The Storms of Life” while going through the most severe storm I had ever encountered.  One that brought all the “if God really loved me, how did He ever allow this to happen” … Continue reading

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The Truth about Marriage (the good, bad and ugly)! Part I

Marriage is to Make you Holy not Happy My husband and I were at a “learn about our church” meeting last Sunday at a church we were just visiting.  And our little table of people were talking about our methods of … Continue reading

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If you Lay with the Dogs, You’re Gonna Get Fleas!

First, let me make this disclaimer. I’m not sure where this saying came from but my dog does NOT have fleas! And, I super love my dog. She is the only child in this house allowed to go anywhere she … Continue reading

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