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Welcome to Controllers Anonymous (Let It Go Blog Hop 1)

Hi, my name is Sister Susie and I have the tendency to overly micro manage things.  I am hoping that Let It Go will help me LET IT GO!!! I completely identify with the woman on Page 14.  The “competent … Continue reading

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Lawsuit and Child Custody Stress…. How I Prayed

Yesterday afternoon I received a telephone call from an anxious woman that attends the Bible Study at my husband’s workplace. It was the classic – and sadly typical – highly contested child custody and litigation stress phone call. And actually, she was … Continue reading

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Will the World End in 2012? (End Times Part I)

I know, I know… even Jesus doesn’t know exactly when the end will be.  Matt 24 & Mark 13. And I’m not an eschatology major (is that even possible) or an end times doom and gloom girl.  I’m not even … Continue reading

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