Know Your Rights – Covid Edition

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In light of Covid, so many citizens are simply giving up their rights & voice at the HOA, city, county, state and federal levels. If they don’t, they are being met with some harsh feedback. Well, that wasn’t true for the Dallas salon owner though was it LOL?

In moments when people try to silence you, it is so important for you to remember that this is nothing new and has been ongoing for hundreds – thousands – of years. But at the same time, so many great things have come from some form of push-back or for speaking up when it’s needed (ex. the civil right’s movement, women’s voting laws, or what we saw happen in Georgia with the jogger that was gunned down during a “citizens arrest”).

For those who want to remain silent and follow the majority consensus, that is FINE. But it’s also okay to use your Freedom of Speech rights (unless they somehow offend a news source, your employer, social media community standards, etc.). If the audience doesn’t like people to speak up or give opposing opinions, they shouldn’t read them, or post them, or share things. It is a two-way road.

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