UFO Abduction, The Rapture or Maybe Just a Dream

On March 11, 2020 I woke up having had an amazingly awesome dream that I wanted to journal before I forgot it.

In the dream, it was dark outside and I saw a big large light traveling in the sky. I thought it was a helicopter or airplane with a large headlight flying really low. I called my husband over since he works with aircraft and asked him what it was. He said that since it was silent and he couldn’t hear anything that there was no way it was aircraft. The bright light was traveling across the sky from the left to the right. As we sat in awe watching it and anticipating it’s path, it came to a sudden stop, turned toward us and sped ever so quickly directly towards us. A matter of seconds. And I woke up feeling elevated – lifted – out of my body (though I wasn’t). It reminded me of when I went under anesthesia and they put that big light lamp above my face then BAM, I was unconscious. I chalked it all up to a really really cool dream. But, later that day someone mentioned “Jesus is coming soon” and that reminded me again of the dream and the great bright light that “took” me off of my back porch.

Hubs asked me all kinds of questions about the great bright light but it was too hard to explain. LOL. I was never scared at any time & was just in awe at how cool and bright it was. It was quiet. It moved with intention and had or was driven by some form of intelligence. It was not like a meteor and did not have a red tail behind it or anything. It was not fire. It did not have human form and was more like a big bright star. If I saw a picture or movie of something like it, you know like a bright light line up, I could probably point it out.

So, no, I’m not dooms day prepping or claiming I had an alien encounter or anything like that but I DO want to make this journal entry to look back on later.

Have you ever had any cool dreams like that? The kind that really stick with you?

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