Celebrity Transformations – Avril Lavinge Edition #AvrilLavinge

Kanye West has been in the news almost daily since his faith conversion and the release of the Jesus is King album. Which got me thinking about some of the other secular artists who share spiritual messages in their music like Avril Lavigne.

A few months ago a neighbor was over and we were playing some of our new favorite music and she showed me this video. I had not really listened to Avril Lavigne since the Skater Boi area but I sure do now. Here is the video she showed me: I Fell In Love With the Devil by Avril Lavigne. The very first line says “Angels and Devils fight over me” and she continues to sing about falling in love with the devil. Any female who has ever fallen for the wrong guy will totally understand that song. But this actually isn’t the song that GOT ME and made me take notice of how spiritual some of her new music is now. This one. This one all day. It’s Head Above Water.

I host a secular blended family small group and this song immediately made me think of some of the ladies in that group. One had a stem cell transplant this year and is battling cancer, one lost an adult son, one lost her husband. I could see their faces in my mind when Avril sang “God, keep my head above water”. Sometimes this faith walk is absolutely victorious and you’re having a power house day, week or month but other times you’re doing good to just breath air, right?

I’m not sure who else needed to hear this song or see this video, but this blog has been nagging at me for DAYS so if it’s you, enjoy.

Coffee cheers your way peeps.

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