Prayer of Jabez

I was chatting with the God of the Universe the other day just thanking Him for sustaining me, blessing me, and mentioned that I would just like to hit PAUSE on this moment in life for a few minutes. It was one of those days where the sun seemed to shine brighter, I’d slept great, I was fully content and just so unbelievably thankful for making it through some of the darkest moments of my life. It was a … I am HEALED moment. And I loved that.

Then I remembered that little Prayer of Jabez book I read 15-20 years ago but had forgotten about. Yet there I was remembering that God HAS truly blessed me indeed, enlarged my territory, and kept me from evil. As a human, sometimes we cause others pain and sometimes we endure pain from others. But God y’all. He really does use all things for our good and doesn’t allow the dark times of life to take us over. Though we WALK THROUGH the valley of the shadows of death, He is not only with us but blesses us whether we deserve it or not. Mercy. Grace. Love. Again and again. I am so glad that I’m no longer agnostic and remember that God is Real.

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