Life Points Back to the Sun

I went to my annual Women’s Wellness Visit at the clinic a few months ago and found out that my Vitamin D level was extremely low. My doc prescribed me a very large dose of prescription Vit D for 2 months followed by the reminder that I need to continue taking OTC Vit D combined with exposure to sunlight (20-30 minutes a few times a week while using sunscreen of course and avoiding prolonged exposure …. yada yada yada).

I found it interesting that sunlight is so good for your Vitamin D levels so I did what any modern day woman would… “Hey Siri, look up vitamin D and sunlight” and found this article about how Vitamin D is called the Sunshine Vitamin.

And then I remembered Hubs used to say that all plants, tress, and living things grow toward the sun (all life points back to the sun) like eternal life points back to The Son. We need the sun and we need The Son.

I’ve heard that before but the doctor’s appointment was just a little reminder to always remember that. Sometimes it’s the daily life lessons that mean so much.

Iced Tea Cheers Your Way~

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