A Home Buying Lesson

Hubster and I decided to move this summer so that our future high school freshman can start school at a smaller, different campus than the huge one we are currently zoned in. We LOVE our current house. It was actually our dream home and we fully intended it to be our “forever home” but the kids are really needing a school campus change. We are all needing a change. So we sat down to talk and discussed the things we’d change or add to our new dream home if we could (things like no carpet in the living area due to our dog, an extra parking space so kids and guests don’t have to park in the street, a bench in the shower so I can stop shaving my legs on the shower floor, etc.) And low and behold, the VERY FIRST house we looked at had just about every single thing we had said we wanted and needed as well as 3-4 other personal touches that Hubs and I had mentioned “would be nice” to have (like a desk area in the open living area, a closet in the office, etc.) and it really made me think…

We sometimes eavesdrop on our kids to see what they are saying. One day we overheard one of the kids say he really wanted to save the money to buy a certain item. Then a few months later, that’s exactly what we gave him for his birthday gift. He was so excited! As parents, we knew the desires of the child’s heart and decided to give him that gift knowing how thankful he would be (for the moment anyway haha).

So, what if God overheard our conversation on the patio that evening and just so happened to lead us to that particular house, in that particular school, in that particular neighborhood knowing that it would be the perfect place and perfect home for us for this season of life? What if God is an eavesdropping Father – like we are – who decided to bless us just because He can?

And if that is the case, isn’t that the sweetest, best thing ever?

Coffee cheers your way 🙂

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