Thanksgiving 2018

Every year I like to make a thankful journal entry. In life – in MY life anyway – it’s so easy for me to see the things I don’t like and the things I wish were different or better in my life. So Thanksgiving gives me the chance – forces me – to consider the great parts of my life and recognize them. So, this year’s thankful awards go to: holding onto the majority of my goals for this year for the first time in forever (consistently attending exercise classes, starting my new public blog, dropping a few pounds), having the surgery I’ve needed for years, having another full year with my crazy baby Yorkie doggie Abbie, and having sweet little Annie (the maltese) added to our family.

When Abbie started having age related health issues (shes 14 1/2), I was so worried that I’d never find another dog love. I felt my love for little Abbie was so big and so strong that I’d never be able to feel that again. Ever. That reminded me of when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I wondered if somehow I’d be able to love the 2nd baby the way I loved the 1st. It seemed impossible. And with Kiddo 3, I learned the capacity to love others can be endless if you let it. He was the best love baby ever. Since then, I’ve been able to love even more children. Maybe God gives us an endless capacity to love and we just don’t use it. (P.S. I’ve heard from many people that this theory does not work on widows so I’m staying out of that field house).

I was NOT able to figure out my future career path in 2018 like I’d hoped to but I have been able to start pursuing my passion of self employment, relationship enrichment, blogging, etc. which I’ve always wanted to do. Who knows, maybe that will be my future employment. But honestly, there is still “something missing”. I’m not sure what it is, I just feel like I will know when it’s no longer missing LOL.

Last but not least, I am super thankful for Hubster and his continuous support in all of the endeavors that I pursue in life. In prior dating relationships, it seemed like I was always the cheerleader and the one putting in the effort and doing all the work to help push the man forward. This is the first time that I’ve had a cheerleader and true support role in my personal life with a real TEAM mentality. If money were no object, I’d totally hire him full time and keep him a kept man HAHA. But until then…

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and wish you a wonderful New Year.

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