The Key to Your Heart #CreateinMe (Week 2)

Hello highlighter! We meet again.

There’s so much information in this week’s handout, but there are definitely a few things I want to journal so I will have the reminders handy.

We can be hoarders (but with our hearts). We let others into the front room of our heart and maybe even engage in a “heart to heart” chat meanwhile there can be so many other rooms to our heart that we wouldn’t even consider opening the doors to because the emotional debris would be impossible to ignore.

Yes, y’all. THIS is so true. And it’s also why I love, love, love, love my little blended family small group because the women – slowly but surely – begin to open up a few of the doors to those ugly rooms. I sincerely believe that there is healing in having a trusted place to share the truth behind your life and what makes you who you are.

She says that opening up is so much easier when you have the key because the locked door does 2 things: (1) locks out the unauthorized and (2) opens to the owner. We cannot “create in me a clean heart” without being willing to open the door.

“King David kept his heart clean by pouring it out before God. The book of Psalms chronicles his prayers where he shares his fears, his enemies plans and his feelings of pain, disappointment and despair. It’s a cleansing process to pour out your heart”. For years I’ve said that this blog is like my personal little book of Psalms so it’s really neat and fun to see her outline it that way. Makes my inner teenager a bit giddy LOL.

Have a fabulous day and coffee cheers your way 🙂



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