Love on Lock #CreateinMe Video Lesson 2

How to have an open heart when you want to hide. Yes please!!!

I tend to be 1 of 2 types of extremes when it comes to my personality. I am either fully opened up or completely shut down. There is very little middle ground with me. Open or closed. I’m pretty sure that she was talking about me personally through the entire video. But I bet lots of ladies felt the same way LOL. A few of the things that I wanted to remember and save were:

The story of her neighbor who has the most beautiful land and pond but doesn’t own the mineral rights (the valuables buried underneath the ground) to the property.  Because of that, the oil people have come in and put up very large, loud pumps that have made the land lose it’s peace and ruined the view. Likewise, what’s deep in our hearts beneath the surface must be dug up and dealt with so it doesn’t steal our rest and rob our life.

The story of her mother teaching her to clean her house from the top down (ceiling fans, dusting, counters, then the floors). That there is an order to things. If you clean from the bottom up, you’ll have to do lots of double work because you’ll get things on the lower half messy again as you’re cleaning the top. In the instruction “delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”, the proper order is Desires then Treasure then Heart. Watching the tongue first is like cleaning the floor first. So seek the Lord for the right desires. (I love that reminder). Your heart follows your treasure, so your heart must be guarded (see Lesson 1).

I especially loved the story about her dog Oliver and how he takes the lead during walks so the trainer said to shorten the dogs leash and stop the walk whenever the dog takes over. The Master is to stay in the lead. It’s kind of hilarious because I’ve always said that God has me on a “short leash” when deep down I’ve always wanted to run full speed freely without a leash. Anymore I still like to run, but would prefer to be confined to a safe space such as the dog park where I can maintain safety and stay out of trouble LOL.

Love these illustrations and how they help describe these key lessons.

Coffee cheers your way.



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