Haters, Honesty, Transparency, Sexism #TaylorSwift #Swiftie

We recently purchased tickets to the Taylor Swift Reputation Tour so I’ve been listening to more of her music. After a music video ended this weekend, this video played entitled “I Hate Taylor Swift – Taylor’s Side”. And I LOVED it!  This is a MUST SEE video.  Yes, Taylor is poised and handles her critics very well. But she also covers much more than “her side”. For me, as a blogger and outgoing person, I tend to be very open and transparent and that has definitely come back to bite me (especially with those loving, well-intending… I mean gossipy, dishonest church ladies, if you know what I mean). And you know what? That’s wrong. It is wrong of people to mishandle your open diary.

When you have time, take a break and watch the video. It’s really so so good.

Iced tea cheers your way 🙂


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