New Year, New You #2018 #HappyNewYear

Every year I like to make a journal entry so that I can go back years later and see what my goals and plans were and how much I’ve changed or grown since then (or to see if I’m still pretty silly and immature haha).

Everyone right now is on the “New Year, New You” bandwagon. The churches are doing their 21 days of prayer and my health and fitness friends are starting their cleanses and posting their workouts on social media. I’ve learned – for me – that I tend to do better with the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality and that’s pretty much where I am and am hoping to stay.  My goals for 2018 are:

To continue doing what I started last year. Purging the things I don’t need, downsizing my closet, organizing clutter (more slowly than Hubs may prefer LOL), paying down debt, focusing on the needs of my family, striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance that includes sanity, and dabbling in self-employment endeavors which I’m really enjoying by the way! Although 2017 had some terribly tough moments, that’s sort of the ups and downs of life, right? 2017 also had some AMAZING moments including a trip to Cabo with Hubs, a beautiful summer vacation with the kids just lounging at the local pool reading magazines (at least until it became too hot to breath outside), meeting new people through work, making some new girlfriends, joining a Pilates studio and so forth. Overall it was just a really great year. Sure, it had relationships challenges, raising teenagers challenges, and unplanned hiccups (like that dang AC unit going out). But it was still a fantastic year! For 2018, I’d like to see that continue but also see improvements. I’d like to be more consistent with pretty much everything. I’m also hoping to launch my own YouTube channel and a third blog and am interested in seeing how that turns out. Especially with my numerous issues with techy equipment. Watch me record an entire video with the camera still off or in the wrong mode. Oh, I just can’t wait to see that mess.

I’m so excited and hopeful about this season of life. Well, at least I am right now while the kids are on school break and the house is quiet and I’m enjoying coffee and doggie snuggles.

Happy New Year guys!!! Coffee cheers your way.

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