Thanksgiving 2017 #TheGiftofTime

Even when life is tough I believe there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, you just need to look until you find it.

Aside from my marriage (that definitely hasn’t been smooth this year) 2017 has been a season of restoration and reconciliation and healing for me. I think it was the gift of time. In my single mom, work overload days I never had time to relax, breath, rest. This year I did all of that. This year I did exactly that. I scheduled rest and one on one time with each person in my immediate life circle.

Im thankful for my adult children. I’m so proud of them. They have grown into such responsibile, kind, caring, life benefitting people. I’m blown away by their work ethic and kindness to others.

I’m thankful that the younger kiddos have really been able to experience fun things this year from date night and a new haircut to seeing the Blue Angels and bungie diving at six flags. I’m certain 2017 has been a great year they will always remember. They were able to be involved in more activities than ever before because we had so much spare time. Oh and summer was swimming and snuggling and sleeping late daily. Best summer ever!!! P.S. I really wish I had that kind of time when mine were young. I missed so much working and being in college. Enjoy your kids while they’re still young y’all because it really does go by quickly.

I’m thankful for another year with my sweet Abigail. As crazy as that yorkie can be, I can’t imagine life without her. The pitter patter of her tiny little feet meeting me at the gate when I get home makes my heart explode with fireworks.
I’m thankful for my little blended family small group. It has been awesome to see women supporting and encouraging other women. The group as a whole has gone through a lot this year. Divorces, lawsuits, a custody battle, one suffered a devastating child loss… But without fail and no matter what was going on, someone in the group always took the time to listen and be there for the person in need. Virtual hugs are still hugs, right?

My goals in 2018 are to lose 20-30 pounds (please don’t try to sell me anything lol), have the surgery I need, and figure out my future career path. At my age (clearing my throat) it feels impossible to start over or start from scratch but I really really really am just so burned out with the legal field and do not want to go back into it. Like ever. So, I really need to figure out what it is that I am going to do professionally because it’s time to get back to work.

But first, coffee ☕️

I hope you all have much peace, love and joy this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

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