Broken Beautifulness #FaithHopeLove #RHOD

I was talking to a friend the other day about this “beautifully broken” life I’ve lived (and that my friends have lived) and how it compares to a stained glass window.  On Sept 5, 2017, I made this journal entry in my cell phone notes but haven’t really taken the time to blog it yet.

Have you ever seen a beautiful, colorful, vibrant piece of stained glass artwork? It’s pretty darn amazing. So, I looked up how to make it and stumbled across a website that said: Part 2 – (1) Make your template, (2) Score your glass, (3) Cut your glass, (4) Grind the edges, (5) Foil the glass, (6) Add flux … (7) Solder the glass… (8) Frame your creation.

Isn’t that like life y’all? Our creator has given us a template and life does the scoring and grinding. When it comes to myself, I really enjoy Step 1 of life and the hope of Step 8 of life. Viewing the template. Seeing the potential. Knowing that in the end there is going to be something beautiful. But you know what, I HATE the steps in between. The “art” of being scored, cut and ground down…. YIKES. But life will do that to you. It just will.

I am not going to say that I’ve committed to those in between steps, that I like those steps, or that I want those steps, but I am committed to believing by faith that  – in the end – once I’ve been molded and worked with and worked on by my creator and life’s experiences, that I will end up a beautiful creation worth framing – scores, cuts, scars, soldering and all. And you know what, I believe that you will be also.

Monday night on the RHOD Reunion Part 2, Andy Cohen asked each of the ladies what their rose and thorn was from this season. Every rose does have its thorn, right? The normal highs and lows of life. LeeAnne Locken said that she has such a hard time seeing the rose through the thorns sometimes. But y’all, that’s where faith does come in. Despite the thorns of life, despite the stained glass project that is not yet complete, find the rose in the season that you are in. The roses are ALWAYS there. You just have to look for them and trust the process. And yes, that’s me preaching to myself LOL.

Coffee cheers from Texas y’all. Go slay today.


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