The Enlightened Lyricist

For the past 6 months or so, I’ve ran into a local kid several times (ok he’s in his early 20s but they are still kiddos to me at that age LOL). What struck me about him in particular was his journal. It was well worn and well loved. I’m a journal junkie and have at least a dozen of them so immediately I was curious. I mean, I can’t  remember the last time I ran into someone in public who carried a good, old-fashioned pen and paper journal. That’s sort of a lost art in todays techy world but it is still my personal favorite for note taking and brainstorming.

Come to find out, he is a young poet, artist, writer, rapper, etc. that goes by the tagline The Enlightened Lyricist. I like that tagline. He says that people think he looks scary. I can see that. But digging a bit deeper, peeling back some of those layers like an onion, there is so much more than meets the eye (as with most people, right?). He sort of reminded me of Eminem once he started rapping some of his poems (see Praying for Marshall Mathers).

If you look even closer you’ll notice that he has a large tattoo on his lower arm that says Proverbs 31:10 which reminds him of his beloved Grandma because that was her life verse and the one they used at her funeral. One of these days, he wants to meet a Proverbs 31:10 woman and get married, have children, and have a traditional home with two parents there to lead and guide the family daily. What GREAT goals and expectations to have in your early 20s.

We discussed our favorite musicians and though they were vastly different culturally, they were also very similar. For example, I LOVE Brantley Gilbert who is a secular country rock artist but who is also a man of faith having albums titled A Modern Day Prodigal Son, Halfway to Heaven, and The Devil Don’t Sleep. Within each of his secular albums is at least one faith-based song. To me there is something completely awesome about being at a country rock concert and the crowd busting out in a faith song because we do all have a spiritual side and spiritual nature whether we acknowledge it or not.

The Enlightened Lyricist introduced me to one of his favorite songs by the controversial rapper DMX and y’all, this song – Lord Give Me a Sign (which is linked here) – is awesome! Simply awesome. I’ve added it to my Spotify playlist. He also identifies with the song Demons by Imagine Dragons and is very open to share about his spiritual walk, journey, and personal struggles with anger, depression, life hurts, and unmet relationship expectations. He is light years ahead of the game and really I expect great things from him in the future.

One day I hope to be sitting on the porch enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee listening to the Enlightened Lyricist on the radio. Why? Because he will be able to do ALL THINGS…

Coffee cheers from Texas y’all.


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