Walking Lessons. The Unloved House.

I’ve walked our neighborhood so many times that it’s gotten really boring, so now I go walk the surrounding neighborhoods. Today I went by this house. At first glance it’s really beautiful, in a great neighborhood with high property values and good schools, and has beautiful stone work and colors. But a closer inspection made me think “man, this house would be great if only it had been well loved”. I could tell by the number of weeds in the lawn that the yard had been neglected for quite some time. How many seasons have to come and go to have that many weeds? I think there were more weeds than grass. The bushes were overgrown and uneven and there was a big dent in the garage door. And that’s the curb appeal part of the house.

Isn’t that people y’all? At first glance it can look so good on the outside but a closer, detailed inspection reveals the damage and neglect from prior owners and renters (whether that’s parents, kids, an ex, a boss, siblings etc). 

I look forward to seeing this house after it gets in the hands of an owner that sees its full potential and is willing to invest the time and resources needed to really make that place shine. And I hope the same for you also. 

Surround yourself with people who see your value and are willing to invest in making you the best version of yourself possible.
You are worth it ❤️

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