Worthy #Pro31OBS #ShesStillThere Ch2

Oooooh this girl so totally gets me. And I really needed this reminder today because step-mothering and co-parenting is driving me CRAZY!!! Absolutely CRAZY. Nothing has been as difficult in my life (since I was 15 years old) than marriage, divorce, parenting, co-parenting, step-parenting… and I’m on year 26 and sometimes find it all a bit exhausting. Some days I’m strong. Some days I’m a mess. Some days I just want to run. Which is exactly what Chyrstal did in Chapter 2.

She went for a run because she needed time to breathe.

In her situation, her husband had just lost his job due to his health condition was no longer able to carry the load as the financial provider of the home. She panicked. She felt powerless. This was HARD. She said that each person faces their own kind of hard. The kind of hard that even thinking about it overwhelms you mentally. Maybe your hard has nothing to do with money. Maybe it’s your marriage, health or relationships. BUT…

Where you are today is not where you have to be forever. You may not want to embrace where you are right now but embrace WHO you are. Every day you get the choice to honor YOU. If you choose to believe that you are defined only by your disappointments and disasters, you will abdicate your role in this world that only you can play. But if you choose to embrace your journey – even the parts that disappoint you, challenge you, or make you double over from the emotional weight of it all – you can one day look back and see your hard as a part of your life and not the definition of your life. The way your life looks today is not the way it will look forever. Believe that your present is not all that is possible. Believe that all you see is not all there is. Hold your head up and believe that where you find yourself right now does not define you.

Do you remember baby Jessica McClure who fell in the well years ago and was saved on national television? Her darkest moment was only a moment in time and she was WORTH the rescue. And so are you! Your life does not have to be the sum total of your hard and heavy. You are okay. That will not eliminate your real problems or pressure but it will allow you to offer yourself some hope.

You. Are. Okay.

You are worth the work. You are worth the rescue.

Iced coffee cheers your way (that hubs brought to me this morning before going to work). Yum Yum Yum.




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