#ShesStillThere by Chrystal Evans Hurst #P31OBS

The R&R question is simple enough, right? What is happening in your life that makes you want to hit the reset button?

Last year I totally had a “break my legs, God” moment and just needed to get off of the Farris Wheel of life. Blended Family issues. Marriage issues. Kid issues. Work issues. The weekly grind. The rut. The move. The job change. The 10 hour per week commute. The overloaded family schedule. It piled and piled and piled until it crashed.

I was talking to Hubs about “the real me”, “the healthy me, “the happy me” and how long it had been since I saw that girl. Maybe since we blended our families. Maybe since the move to DFW. I just knew it had been awhile. I pulled up pictures of myself from back when I was happy and said “I just want to find her again”.  Then I read Chapter One of She’s Still There. Maybe I went a little highlight bananas, but there is so much that I want to remember and I could not have written it better myself. This girl gets me and is totally in my head. In no particular order she says:

I was driving down the tollway in Dallas, headed home from another day at work… I hated my job. I needed a break – time to assess where I’d gotten off track and to formulate a plan for making my life more like I’d imagined it would be. I hadn’t intended to end up in a job I didn’t love. I hadn’t intended to be a single parent. I hadn’t intended to have a heart still raw and exposed from the hurt imposed on it by other people. It had never been my dream to fight my way through the academic challenges and personal struggles of my college years only to end up on the other side of the so-called victory of graduation feeling deflated. [Before] I felt full of hope, promise, excitement. So I was taken by surprise to find I now spent most of my waking hours feeling resentful, hopeless, and miserably bored each and every day. Where had I gone? Where was the girl who once lived in anticipation of the beauty of her life? How did I lose her? And how would I ever get her back?

And that’s all on the first 2 pages of Chapter 1 y’all.

The Chapter ends up wrapped in encouragement and hope with the reminder that we are a masterpiece and that the key to living your beautiful life is to keep going (sounds like the #WINology mindset), don’t get hung up or stuck, know that you aren’t the only girl who’s felt lost in the middle of her life, and it’s not too late to make it a life you love.

I’m really looking forward to this Book Study.

Coffee cheers your way guys.

P.S. Here’s the link to the Book She’s Still There in case you are interested.


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