#WINology #Boundaries

I’m still plugging and chugging on the book Winology by Joel Scrivner and Chapter 7 has seriously killed my highlighter.  For real.  So, I’m going to go ahead and outline the things that I really want to try to remember before I get too far gone. And I NEED all of this information.  All. Of. It. The WHOLE chapter if you know what I mean.

Ch. 7 – Step 5: Playing Inbounds – Some of the greatest people in their field have fallen from the top because of major ethical scandals. They “fell from grace” not from a lack of talent, but from their lack of integrity.  In soccer you forfeit possession if the ball goes out of bounds. In football the play is dead if it goes out of bounds.  If you stray from the course in a marathon you are disqualified. You must stay inbounds. If you can’t play inbounds, you can’t win. Period.

Remaining a winner can prove to be a greater challenge than becoming a winner. Many “greats” have imploded their own future through infidelity, drug abuse, financial misconduct, criminal activity, or behavior unbefitting of their position.  Examine the patterns of their mistakes in order to learn from them.

Boundaries [the parameters established for your success] are beneficial to every part of our lives – our time, our money, our relationships, etc.  If you break the boundaries of your marriage, business, or financial responsibilities you could end up losing your family, filing for bankruptcy or in court.

What’s the secret to success? Activating self-control. No one is exempt from the destruction connected to a lack of self-control. No one. We have all painfully watched someone collapse due to severe self-indulgence or a basic lack of self-control. Failure to consistently practice and exude self-control in the private area of our lives can and will result in a loss of control in our public lives. Yet, we live in an age of justification for our poor judgment (mid-life crisis, never thought I’d get caught, etc.)

As expert martial artists, part of the mastery of the art form is to display utmost control and composure at all times.  Never show anger or loss of control.  Be able to stop on a dime if need be. The whole idea is to “own” your opponents while still honoring them and not intentionally causing debilitating bodily damage.

And that’s all of my highlights for now….

Being outspoken and a super ADHD type, self-control usually feels like an impossible challenge to me, and especially when it comes to my big mouth. So, I LOVE these reminders and definitely need them and am so thankful for this book.

Great and much needed advice and encouragement at this point in life.

Social media hugs to all. Have a GREAT week.

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