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I’m still plugging away at the book WINology by one of my favorite motivational speakers Joel Scrivner.  I’m finding that I really only need to read a few pages at a time to really soak in the material.  It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Ok, maybe it’s a 5k LOL.  Anyway…

The end of Ch. 5 has an assignment from Step 3 – Decisive Action.  It says to (1) write in your journal every area in which you desire to win big (marriage, relationships, vocation, hobbies, fitness, start-up of a business, etc.) ; (2) create positive declarations for every area listed; (3) post some of them in strategic places where you will see them; and (4) start with the ones that you can achieve quickly.  More important than writing them down is DOING THEM!  (I love that part and need that reminder).  In fact, after I read that I came home and put some action behind my business goals that very day.

My personal goals regarding every area in which I want to win big is entirely too long to list here.  But, I will say this – one of my biggest goals these past few years has been to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  That has been so difficult for me in prior years because my career path as an administrative legal assistant/paralegal typically requires around 47-50 hours per week outside of the home once travel is included which means the “life balance” part of life (child rearing, home needs, exercise, having energy for my spouse, having time with my friends, etc.) kept moving to the bottom of the list while work stayed at the top because it had to.  Not intentionally, but that’s just the reality of life when you have two parents who work long hours 5 days a week outside of the home.  So, this current season of my life is devoted to being able to juggle lots of balls in the air without dropping too many of them whereas in the past I definitely juggled lots of balls but seemed to drop most of them.  Too much to juggle.  Not enough time.  That said …

My current BIGGEST goal – though not necessarily the most important one – is the launch of my home based business with Pure Romance (which also helps me stick with my overall and biggest priority of putting my personal life and family in it’s proper order, having the ability to set my own schedule, being available to my family, having time for exercise, having time for my friends and relationships, etc.).  I know so many women who are involved in home based businesses like Advocare, Nerium, Rodan & Fields, Thrive, Beach Body, LipSense, Younique, and so forth.  While their products are great and I love them (especially my LipSense), my passion since I married 7 years ago has been and remains educating women in the areas of the bedroom.  It’s not all about sex or product pushing, it’s about educating and helping women in all areas of their intimate life (cleanliness, sight, touch, smell, taste, etc).

As a paralegal in Grayson County, I probably saw 100 plus divorces.  Maybe more.  Without fail, a large majority of those marriages had intimacy issues in the bedroom.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way saying that a good sex life will prevent divorce, but it sure won’t hurt your marriage.  Marriage is difficult and there are tons of factors involved in marriage daily (communication, fitness/attraction, division of household chores, finances, child rearing, blended family issues, jobs, overloaded schedules, etc.).

It is important for me to remind women that despite all of those other things involved in marriage, the intimacy between you and your husband is priority whether or not your husband remembered to take out the trash that night or worked late.  Gasp!!!  I know right!  I know we women like to control things and like things to go our way, but that man of yours is your MAN and your husband before he is an employee, provider or father.  Also, busy women sometimes have a difficult time removing all of those other hats and just being “a woman”.  Women need to FEEL sexy to be sexy.  And I love helping them do that.

So, where do I currently desire to win big?  In the launch of my home based business which also helps me with Priority #1 in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Coffee cheers your way guys.



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