WINology: World Class Performance

I recently won a copy of the newest book written by one of my favorite motivational speakers ever, Joel Scrivner, called WINology.  I’ve made it through Chapters 1-3.  It’s really good.  Very motivational.  Very encouraging.  Packed with solid advice.  Then I got to the end of Chapter 3 and there’s homework.  Insert all kinds of emoticons here haha.  Look, I love homework and I love journaling.  I’m a bit of an addict actually.  But I have absolutely no idea how to answer these assignments during this transition season of life.  It’s difficult to pin point a moving target.  But, here goes anyway.

List the areas of my life where I am most diligent and best practice Urgent Excellence:  personal finances (hello Dave Ramsey plan) and career (business building).  I’d say I’m more diligent with business building though because I still binge spend too often (I mean, that item may not ever be at Costco again and if I don’t buy it now …).  Delayed gratification is no longer my strength though I used to be really good at it.

Celebrate areas of exercising diligence and seeing positive results:  It’s definitely not my best or most diligent by any means, but I’ve made exercise a priority (2-4 days a week) since Oct or Nov of last year and am really feeling so much stronger, more confident and am sleeping 10 times better.  If my body would catch up that would be great.  Flab be gone! Seriously though, I would like to be more consistent in this area but at the same time it’s the best I’ve done in 3 years.

Areas where I need to be more urgent or excellent: relationships (ex. marriage, parenting, etc.).  I find this area of my life particularly exhausting at times which I’ve heard means you’re doing it right haha.  Let’s hope that’s the case.  People can be so draining though.  Thank goodness for my girlfriend group.  Great girls they are.

Write a personal statement of affirmation for your victories followed by a statement regarding your decisions to improve:  You’re doing great but don’t forget consistency is key.

It’s time to plug forward to Chapter 4.

Coffee cheers your way guys.






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