How Deep is the Mud… Haha #Life


I saw this and was like oh YES YES YES.  How deep is the mud?  Sometimes I’m the big dog and sometimes I’m the little dog.  Some days I seem to be able to handle so much more and other days it feels like the slightest rocking of the boat makes me feel like I’m drowning.

These dogs clearly went through the same mud yet one of them only got dirty from the knees down.  Oh how I wish I was always that big dog LOL.

I’m realizing that so much of how I perceive stress or chaos from the outside world depends on the time of the month it is (hello evil hormones &%#@), how much sleep I’ve had, whether I have exercised, whether I’m stressed out at home with an overloaded schedule… there are so many other factors involved than just the mud I’m going through.

We’ve got to stay strong y’all.  Ok, well I do.

To big dogs and little dogs everywhere, coffee cheers your way!!!

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