New Year 2017 #2017 #Contentment

contentmentHappy New Year Y’all!

Every new year I try to write down some goals, thoughts or reminders in my journal.  But this year, I really did not have a clue what to plan because I had already started my “reset” toward the end of last year (after all that’s what new years goals are all about, right?  Pushing the reset button).  For the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been working out faithfully, downsizing my garage and closet, selling things I don’t need, starting up a couple of self-employment opportunities, volunteering more time at the boys schools, catching up on home projects, and learning to put myself and my needs before everyone else (trust me, I needed that one).   So when 2017 rolled around, I actually did not have too much to “reset”.  A hope to keep it going maybe but that’s about it.  Then I saw this little reminder nugget on Dave Ramsey’s social media page.

Saving money starts with contentment.  Contentment.  There’s that dreaded word again.  Y’all, I am NOT a naturally content woman.  And I’m not talking about money.  We’ve been working our Dave Ramsey plan and living on less and saving more for a while.  The money contentment part is not the most difficult part for me.  Contentment in general is the difficult part for me.  Such as learning to be content as a middle aged, suburbia-living woman, wife, mother and employee.  Learning to be content just being content.

Secretly I’ve always been a little jealous of women who are completely content just getting married, having children, taking their kids to the park, or finding their dream job.  I can honestly say that I truly suffer from ADD microwave rabbit brain.  I get bored in under 15 minutes with just about anything and everything and everyone.  I am RARELY ever – if ever – content.  Unless I’m in a zillion different projects running around like a psychopath, I’m bored.  And during the rat race, I’m not content either because I’m moody and exhausted.  It’s like there’s no balance for me.  My scale is either exhausted and grumpy or bored to tears (ok maybe it’s a little exaggerated but you get the point right?)

What if this little reminder said “saving your marriage starts with contentment” or “saving your sanity starts with contentment” or “saving your friendships starts with contentment”…?  I have a feeling that contentment in and of itself does so much more for us than we know although it does seem to wrestle with our natural inner struggle to make goals and achieve them, to always strive for more, to always challenge ourselves to be better.  Or maybe it’s not a wrestling match at all.  Maybe it’s just about balance.

Either way y’all, this reminder is for me and if you need it too, that’s awesome.

Coffee cheers and best wishes to you all in 2017.  Happy New Year!!!



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