Words of Wisdom (Life Lesson #1274)



There’s an associate pastor at my former church out of town posting daily reminders about people and friends and wisdom and I LOVED this one. Unfortunately, I’m the type of person that seems to have to learn lessons for myself the hard way rather than through advice, but if I can share some advice with you and my kids this is going to be a key piece of it.

I’m such an open, honest and transparent person that I forget that others are not.  Many others have their own schemes and plans and sometimes we are just a chess piece or puzzle piece in their game.  Please be careful about that because there are – and I’ve heard it before – wolves in sheeps clothing. 

Be careful in the workplace y’all.  I hate to say it, but be careful in church groups, life groups and small groups.  Be careful anywhere you tend to give your all.   Just because you spend a large quantity of time in these circles does not reflect the quality of that time or of that relationship.  Focus on quality over quantity.

One of the attorneys that I used to work for used to take a lot of high volume work but now he is case selective and focuses on the quality of each case rather than on quantity and volume.  I used to buy tons of clothes just because they were on sale and were inexpensive.  But now I focus on the quality of those clothes.  I’d rather have 2-3 really great pairs of denim jeans than 10 pair of cheaper jeans.  The same goes with my purses and shoes.  Quality is key.

Trust me on this, it’s so much better to have a few people who are genuine than lots of people who are not (and that’s a reminder for me because I’m such a social butterfly).

Coffee cheers your way y’all.  And please … someone come take this candy bucket away from me.

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