Success … the Real Story

  An acquaintance of mine that I have known since middle school band over 25 years ago is really going through some life challenges right now (a divorce, job change, move to new area, custody arrangement… it’s difficult).  She feels she’s too old to start over and just feels like a failure.  She feels unsuccessful.

The reality is (whether it’s for this friend, myself or my family) success rarely ever looks like the image on the left.  It almost always looks like the image on the right.  There are ups, downs, moves to the left, moves to the right, circles, roller coasters and then a few loopdy loops for good measure.  It’s often years down the road and later in life when we can finally see that we have made progress and have moved forward in the right upward direction.  It may look messy up close but keep going.  You’ve got this!

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