Johnathan’s Place

Isn’t it awesome how the smallest conversations come back to your memory at the best possible times? I was organizing the master bedroom walk in closet yesterday (something I’ve been putting off for over a year), when I found myself saying “Lord, just help me find where I am supposed to be”. Then I realized that I was praying the Johnathan’s Place Prayer.

Just last week in the kitchen he shared an intimate story about himself and even became a little emotional just talking about it. You know that slight teary eyed look when you’re talking about something really personal. He said that he had reached a low point in his life several years ago. Both of his parents had died. He was feeling alone in the world. And he began to reach out and pray, “Lord, if this praying thing is real, will you just help me find my place in this world”. About a week later he was out running errands and across the street was a store named Johnathan’s Place. He said that the Lord definitely had a sense of humor but that it was just what he needed to brighten his mood during that time.

So there I sat in the closet asking for the same thing at this very time. Show me my place.

~Iced tea cheers from a stay at home mom

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