Whew … Texas is HOT

Oh my goodness. This crazy Texas heat!  And it’s only June.  Which reminds me …

Last weekend five of us couples took our families camping.  It was awesome!  One family had a cabin, another a camper (this meant running water and air conditioning was right next door), a ski boat which was SO MUCH FUN and enough food and drinks to last a week.  We had sunblock, bug spray, electric grills (yes we had electricity at our camp site) and plenty of other amenities.  It was the best camping experience I’ve ever had.  Until about 5:00 am.

There was simply no way that I was ever going to be able to get comfortable and stay asleep on that thin air mattress in a tent.  Even with a fan.  There were sounds I wasn’t used to hearing like people opening and closing car doors, cars starting, bugs croaking and buzzing, leaves crunching which made me pretty sure that snakes and bears were about to jump out at me (oh yes, I have quite the imagination). I had also forgotten to bring a pillow.  That was the worst.  Let’s face it. My idea of camping usually involves the Omni Hotel.  Not an air mattress and bug spray.

Bad Days

Bad Days


While I was thinking “what was I thinking”, I remembered that there are plenty of people all over the world who would probably LOVE to have my uncomfortable camping experience. Maybe they don’t have clean water for showers, electricity, fans, bug spray, an air mattress, tons of food or ice cold water in a cooler.  I remembered the Compassion International flyer passed out at a Jeremy Camp concert on night that said that most people in El Salvador sleep in “houses” that are usually made of dirt floor huts.  I remembered the commercials I’ve seen of villages in Africa where children are drinking dirty water from the same contaminated lake where the animals bathe. Oh yes, I bet they would love my air mattress and fan in the tent.

Sometimes life is really about perspective.  My life isn’t perfect.  No one’s life is.  But even my “not so great” moments sure seem pretty darn good when I step back long enough to look at the big picture.  How about yours?

And on that note, happy weekend everyone. Have fun!!!

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