It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the Blended Family Hell on Earth group about the ongoing ups, downs, and bumps in the road within our blended family.  It’s been almost 4 years now since The Truth about Marriage post and, once again, I’m sitting here so thankful that I journal these things.  I love being able to locate the encouraging material that I need when I need it.

In the book Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas wrote “As long as a couple is married, they continue to display – however imperfectly – the ongoing commitment between Christ and his church. Thus, simply “sticking it out” becomes vitally important…   In a man-centered view, we will maintain our marriage as long as our earthly comforts, desires, and expectations are met.  In a God-centered view, we preserve our marriage because it brings glory to God and points a sinful world to a reconciling Creator…”  And sticking it out we have done these past 6 years – imperfectly.  Oh yes, there have been times I have wanted out.  There have been times he’s wanted out.  But we have – however imperfectly – been sticking together despite momentarily feelings.

Fast forward to this week.  My husband has been my best friend, my rock, my support, a voice of reason, loving yet firm, and has been handling this home with superman like strength and skills during our current season of transitions that seem to all be taking place at the same time.  Within this past week alone we have been working to finish taxes, prepare FASFA paperwork for our child who is graduating in 6 weeks to prepare for college registration, he handled an unexpected vehicle financing dilemma requiring multiple phone calls and customer service holds, took off work to change the door locks and security system passcodes at our house due to a home security compromise, handled credit card changes after having our credit card account hacked into and fraudulent charges being made which caused all of our monthly bills that direct bill to get rejected and declined, registered another child for football who needs a uniform fitting this week, scheduled and re-scheduled work travel plans, and the list goes on and on.

So often it feels like I am the one who handles so many aspects of our life.  He’s the president of the home but I am his assistant and sometimes it feels like so many things seem to fall back on me to handle.  (This is what I hear in my mind: set the dental appointment, enter this weeks expenditures into quickbooks, order that new debit card, order that book from amazon, update the new credit card info with our insurance agent, schedule the dog a grooming appointment, don’t forget to follow up on scheduling date night with the neighbors, pick up Child A after work, etc etc etc.)  The reality is that our life – our family – sometimes feels like a business.  There are multiple balls juggling in the air at all times.  And we tackle the home tasks like we tackle work tasks.  We meet, look over the schedule, make lists and divide and conquer.  Sexy huh?

But this week, I just had to hit pause.  I simply could not handle one more thing.  If things got behind, then so be it.  I had other things going on and was just not mentally or emotionally available to keep this well-oiled machine called our home running.  I slacked on my end of things.  But rather than allowing things to get behind, Hubster simply took off work and handled everything.  And I mean everything.  Things that I didn’t even realize or remember needed to be handled.  We are not behind on anything

As I sit here now I can honestly say that I am so very thankful that when I felt like I wanted out, that I stayed put.  Seeing him stay home from work to handle everything that he handled this week made me melt a little bit on the inside.

I married a good man.  He’s not perfect.  He’s human.  He’s imperfect.  But he’s a good man.

Social media hugs to all.

P.S.  Hang in there during these ups and downs in marriage.

#Blessed #StrongerinMarriage #SacredMarriage


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