Piece by Piece – Kelly Clarkson

Last night I fell asleep watching the GOP Debate (Go Cruz!!!) and totally missed this American Idol awesomeness – the performance of Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson.

Thankfully it was all over my Facebook newsfeed this morning.

Being a girl who had “daddy issues” and having a daughter who has “daddy issues”, this performance really struck a nerve.  A good one.  I hope my daughter does know that despite “daddy issues”, I always put her first.  She was wanted and she was mine.  Daughters are the BEST!

Another thing I liked so much about this performance was the tribute to husbands and fathers (and stepfathers) everywhere who DO NOT leave their post.  There are good men out there.  I know because I work with them and I’m now married to one.  I see these men raise their children daily and do a fine job at it.

Finally, the song kind of reminded me of the Chris Tomlin song Good Good Father.  The song is a little slow for my taste but the lyrics are great.  And despite “daddy issues”, we all DO have a GREAT heavenly father.  God is the best dad ever!



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