A New Year (2016)

Doesn’t time go by so much faster now? Oh my goodness.

Here I sit again. Already. Reflecting about 2015. Ok – honestly – spending too much time focused on the things I meant to accomplish but didn’t and things I could have done better (oh the life of being an OCD perfectionist LOL.) Why? So that next year I’m not sitting here doing the same thing. Hopefully not anyway!

My current goal, which I will carry into 2016, is to reclaim my power as an individual. To not allow other people to have as much control over me, my actions and reactions. I want to be fully focused again. The past few years I have been consistently inconsistent. For example, I’ll exercise 3-4 days one week but then won’t exercise for the next 2 weeks. I’ll make a small contribution into my savings account for 2-3 paychecks but then contribute nothing for the next 5. For me, consistency is key and I’ve been slacking. This up and down stuff is driving me batty. The only things I seemed consistent about in 2015 were my love for morning coffee and the fact that I always seemed to be running about 15 minutes late for everything… consistently.

I’ve learned that I am the only one with the power to be consistent in my own life. My spouse, kids and bossy pants schedule do not have the ability to set my goals and execute them. If I want to accomplish something important to me, then it’s my job to make it happen. No person, job or relationship can do that for me.

During the Breath Bible Study this past fall, one of the sessions discussed the battle between what’s urgent and what’s important. That reminder has really been a driving force for me mentally lately. I want to focus on what’s important (rather than what’s urgent, what’s annoying, what’s broken, what’s wrong, etc). I want to remember to ask myself in each situation that I face “is this truly important to me”. If it’s not, I don’t want to give it more power than I should.

I heard Joyce Meyer once say something like “do your part then cast your care”. She said that often times people will cast their responsibility but keep the care (worry, anxiety, etc). In everyday life situations, I need to focus on handling my part of the responsibility and then let it go. Cast that care. Stop allowing negativity and the things (or people) that I cannot change into my thought life.

Positivity Rocks 🙂

Happy 2016 Y’all

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