Thanksgiving 2015

I looked back over my Thanksgiving 2012 and Thanksgiving 2014 journal notes and most of that applies today; especially the part about modern conveniences. Our hot water heater went out recently, and that was a very ugly couple of days. But I’m thankful for my neighborhood friends who allowed me and my family to come over and shower at their houses. All 6 of us LOL.

This year, I’m most thankful for the things that money cannot buy. Our health, peace, rest, sleeping late on Saturdays, having an extremely supportive husband who speaks life and encouragement to me, coffee in the morning, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner in the oven (that I didn’t have to make), my son baking homemade pumpkin muffins in the kitchen with a huge smile on his face, having all the Christmas lights up outside, decorating the Christmas tree, having all 3 of my adult children here together at the same time this weekend (that’s rare), my dog’s early morning snuggly cuddles, that “ahhhh” feeling I get when I drive with the convertible top down on a beautiful day, reading a good book that I don’t want to put down, those 3 minutes of happy I get when I hear my favorite song, dancing (ok really it’s usually zumba but it still counts), laughing really loud (I know I do everything really loud), laughing until I cry, giving people nicknames, assigning people dog character personalities, watching animal videos, listening to live music, laughing some more, spending time with friends, and really LIVING life.

When we die, people can divide our belongings, but these things, the things that really make life the incredible experience that it is, cherished moments and memories, they cannot be divided or replaced.  That’s what I’m thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

Coffee cheers your way.

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