Breathe … Week 3 Highlights from “Double-Portion Friday” #Breathe #SabbathMargin

Oh sweet Saturday, how I have missed you!!! You’re my favorite day of the week 🙂

Week 3’s reading and homework was one of the toughest for me. It started with questions like:

Deep inside is there anything that you question whether or not God will take care of in your life? If so, what? In what ways have you preserved a “Plan B” in this area of your life? (Which reminded me of Against the Ropes – A Marriage Sermon Series).

What does this tell you about your level of trust and faith in God to “take care of business”? How might your inability to have confidence in God be keeping you from experiencing His activity in your life? (I’m not even about to journal here everything I put in my notes, but I can say without a doubt that I absolutely question whether God will take care of things. I believe He CAN I’m just not sure that he WILL. It’s probably a normal struggle, but the past two people that I really prayed for after a cancer diagnosis died. Could God heal? Of course. Did He? No. Did that shake my faith? Absolutely. Sometimes in life things just happen and for me, right now, I’m not clearly seeing God taking care of things. Maybe it’s pride because He’s not taking care of things the way I think He should or maybe it’s because I need stronger spiritual lenses to see more clearly… Oh yes, this area of the book was very thought provoking and challenging).

Is there any area of your life where you have seen your tendency toward excess eat away at other areas of your life? (Oh yes! Currently an excess work overload = a very ugly sour wife and mama at home. I just want to be left alone. All the time. I’m not even sure when the last time was that I saw that happy, carefree, fun-loving assistant that I once was. I think the lawyers killed her!)

Some of the highlights and points to remember are:

From the beginning of time until now, the primary purpose of God’s miracles is to turn the hearts of His people to Himself …

Those who did not have an appreciation for the Sabbath boundary that God had set were more consumed with conserving and accumulating manna than in honoring the manna-Giver. So, in essence, Yahweh’s gifts became more important to them than Yahweh. (Reminds me of #LessonsFromGideon – The Finale … It reminded me that we can be like selfish children who do not want their parents time or advice and just want what we can get from them like a phone, car, gas money, clothes, etc.)

Remember what you used to be… Free people shouldn’t act the same way slaves do.

Scarcity scares. It frightens you into disbelieving that God’s provision is or can ever be sufficient.

Never retain what God is asking you to release. When God says “Let go,” we’ll derive no benefit from clenching our fist tightly around the thing He is asking us to give… What is God asking you to let go of so that you can retain the beauty of life that He desires for you?

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. Prov 11:25.

When the Israelites collected more Manna than God had instructed, it went foul… It doesn’t take much for the stench of something foul to permeate your entire house… Amazing how just one rotten egg or one unclean sewage line can leave a smell that careens through every single square foot…

The sentence she wrote that really struck a chord with me was on Page 73. She wrote “…He would graciously provide during their wilderness journey…”. That stopped me in my tracks. It reminded me of Duane Sheriff’s sermon series called Murmuring and Complaining.

I remember that God fully provided for His people with shoes than never wore out, clothing, manna, meat, and more but the people grumbled and grumbled because their focus was on the wilderness journey. I think that is the state of my heart at times right now. I’m certain God is providing, caring, nurturing and available but the wilderness moments seem so loud and obvious and noticeable that I’m missing it.

Social media hugs to all. Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

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