My Shrub Lesson

We (by that I mean the Hubster) have been working on our backyard. The new fence is up, the outside of it has been stained, we’ve hired a new lawn service and now we are working on the flower bed.

I really wish I had a before picture of this shrub (or whatever it is). The entire thing was Dead Shrubbrown, ugly and dead. Hubster called it “an eye sore”. So, he started working on cutting it down. It’s a mean plant too. The edges have sharp points that cut you which makes it hard to take care of that part of the flower bed.  So, he cut down as much as he could one day until it got too hot outside to continue.  I’m so glad he stopped!  Had he cut the entire thing down that day, I wouldn’t have gotten to see how beautiful it is now. Oh yes, the bottom is still brown and in need of lots of work.  But the top is green, full and even flowering! It’s GORGEOUS and I LOVE it!  The ugly parts are still ugly but the pretty parts are beautiful and worth keeping.

Isn’t that what people are like? There are brown ugly parts, but there are also flowering beautiful parts. That’s what relationships are like too. Whether it’s your close friend or your spouse, if you end the relationship when it’s ugly or because you disagree about something, you don’t get the benefits of seeing it when it’s beautiful and healthy.  Just because something looks dead, doesn’t mean that it is.  Sometimes people and relationships just need some tender loving care (or pretty sharp pruning tools).

And that’s what I learned from this shrub today.

Coffee cheers your way!


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