Awe…. Political Season is Among Us

Every now and then I’m reminded about who I really am. Oh my gosh how I love these current political debates and views. I love that we can share our views and agree to disagree. I love term limits and presidential elections. #GodBlessAmerica


I just love working in a boutique law firm with so many different personalities. In one office sits the very far left liberal with photographs of Obama and in the office next to that one sits a far right conservative.  From my desk I overheard a lawyer on the phone saying “ok ok if Wendy Davis wins I’ll owe you dinner at Del Friscos and if Abbott wins you will owe me …”.

I’ve said it before but I must say it again. Man oh man believers have so many things that they could learn from the legal community like in What Christians Should Learn From Lawyers.

These intellectual professionals, for the most part, can discuss just about any topic without getting offended or upset. That’s just what they do. They debate and discuss both sides of everything yet still set aside their differences in order to work toward a…

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