Against the Ropes (A Marriage Sermon Series)

We went to see War Room tonight with my Champagne Friend and her husband. At the time I couldn’t remember what had happened that made me “set my mind” not to leave but this was it. I do remember now thanks to my online journal 🙂 it was in March 2015 at church. And I must say that nearly 6 months later I have so much peace compared to the exhaustion of the mental battles of “did I marry the right one….will it ever get better…how long will this season last…what if…”. Gosh I love Sherwood Pictures. Best. Movies. Ever.


As most of my friends know, I’ve been traveling through Blended Family Hell on Earth for quite some time now, and about 1 ½ ago began to really believe that maybe we would be better off divorced.  When my mind would go in that direction, I would try to remind myself that those thoughts are The Divorce Lie.  But, as storms continued, I began planning an exit strategy which I called the “Just in Case” plan (you know, things like planning to make extra payments on my car to get it paid off and saving my cash allowance that we each budget instead of spending it “just in case”).

Then over the holidays I felt guilty about planning for “just in case” and promised to devote 2015 to my marriage and giving it my all.  After all, it was A New Year so I was feeling all hopeful.  Unfortunately, by February…

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