Do Your Best and Leave the Results Up to God

I clearly heard the voice of Coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) this morning.  “Give me your best, and leave the results up to God.”  If you haven’t seen the movie Facing the Giants, it’s a must see.  It’s probably been a couple of years since I’ve seen that movie, yet I woke up to his football coaching advice today.

See, I’m a classic Type A results-oriented individual.  My success or lack thereof, is measurable.  Pick a topic, any topic, and I can measure my success or my failure very quickly.  Too quickly.  And rarely do I celebrate progress.  Progress, to me, is not success.  If I’m on a football team, getting “better” is not my goal.  That’s good.  That’s progress.  But the goal is to win the game.  Did I win the game or not? Did I meet my goal or not?  For example only…

Goal: Finances – the short term goal is to have 6 mortgage payments in savings in case of emergencies.  The long term goal is to have my home paid off with no mortgage payment.  My brain scans my finances to measure my success and in 2.2 seconds I logically determine that I have not done an adequate job of reaching my financial goals because I do not have 6 mortgage payments saved nor is my mortgage close to being paid off.

Goal: Weight loss – my current goal is to lose 20-35 pounds.  Getting married kicked off the gaining of that first “fat and happy” 10 pounds and then going back to work full time in an office setting last year packed on another 20 (oh how I miss my daily 10:00 am workouts at Lifetime fitness).  My cutest clothes no longer fit and my energy level has declined significantly.  So, weight loss goals here I come.

Yesterday morning I sat down with my life coach (my husband in a counseling hat) and laid out my desires, goals and plans for many areas of life such as spirituality, health, finances, friends, career, etc.  I said (1) Here’s where I’m at, (2) here’s where I want to be, (3) here are my weaknesses, (4) here are my strengths, (5) here’s my brainstorming plan and different trial and error tactics.  I asked him for tips, advice and insight and he helped me come up with some very good and helpful plans that if executed properly will lead to results (which is an entirely different blog because no plans are ever properly executed 100% of the time).

Then this morning, I heard Coach Taylor. (No wonder athletes love their coaches so much!)  Facing the Giants – Give Me Your Best clip.

I really needed this reminder – that slight shift in my focus – to focus on doing my best rather than focusing on results.  And one of my favorite things about the video is that Coach Taylor blind folded Jeremy because he didn’t want him to quit thinking he had gone far enough.

We are probably capable of going much further and achieving results much higher than anything we could ever imagine if we would focus on doing our part to the best of our ability with excellence rather than focusing on results.  Also, it’s a great reminder that we should surround ourselves with encouraging people who remind us that we can in fact go “twenty more steps”.  The company we keep is critical to our success.

Thanks Coach Taylor for this morning dose of encouragement.

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