The Making of a Man Rally (Finances Portion)

I was talking to some friends at Girls Night Out a couple of weeks ago about the Bell Helicopter layoffs.   Then today, I remembered that Pastor Mike had actually warned the men at his church several years ago about the financial issues Americans are facing.  At the time, we really did not know whether or not it would effect us.  But regardless, we still believe that it is good stewardship to live within your means and to have at least 3-6 months of living expenses saved in case of an emergency.  (Having had a child incur $850,000 in medical expenses within 5 weeks accompanied by my being off work unexpectedly for those same 5 weeks, I have learned that financial surprises do happen.  Better to be safe than sorry!)

Being a “I better write it down before I forget it” girl, I typed up that portion of the Men’s Rally by Pastor Mike Hayes from the CD my husband brought home.  Here it is in case you’re interested:

Covenant Church
September 10, 2011
Men’s Ministry gathering at the Crossroads Campus
Intro, prayer, a man’s testimony, then Mike’s message on the Making of a Man. The primary 4 F’s that each man should commit to = Faith, Family, Finances, Future (purpose, destiny, calling).  Every man should work to keep these 4 areas strong.  He goes into detail on each one.
(Intro that church attendance increases with crisis like the 9/11 attacks. God is preparing all things…)
I believe 3 great things will happen.  2 of them subsequently but they are coordinated together.  I think there is a great crash coming.  I hate to tell you that.  I’d rather tell you that I believe that everything is going to be hunky doory from right on out but I think there is a great crash coming.  I think the down turn in the housing market we saw over the last 5 years will be nothing to what we see in the next 10. I think there’ s a huge crash coming.  I think the unemployment rate that hovers about 9% right now which is about 12-15 million Americans that would like to have a job.  I think it could go to 50%.  But it wont be the end of the world.  See Americans are so isolated in some ways and we live so unto ourselves.  It’s easy to understand when you travel to other countries why they hate Americans.  They are jealous of Americans but hate them at the same time.  Because we are, without knowing it, arrogant people.  We think our problems are the worst in the world and we actually have it better and have had it better than most of the rest of the world.  
When we were paying $1 for gasoline we were griping like crazy that it had gone to $1.50 and you could go to places … I was in Croatia and it was $8.50 there and $80-$10 in Isreal.  It’s been like that all over the world.  So, if unemployment in this country goes to 50% and inflation goes to 100% and interest rates go crazy and the economy be lost because … it pains me to say this … but I believe this with all of my heart. We have passed a point of no return.  I don’t believe we have the fortitude, the character, or the ability to do what it would take in the way of austerity right now to turn it around.  We have a mounting debt crisis that nobody has an answer too.  The answers are not that difficult but nobody is willing to pay that kind of price.  So we are over the edge.  it is absolutely unpreventable and cannot be stopped.  We will never catch up.  There is a big crash coming.  You’ve think you’ve see a downturn in the housing market? You’ve seen nothing.  Nobody has answers.  
But it’s a set up.  Because there is also coming a great revival.  You see, without crisis, everybody wants a great revival in the kingdom of God but without crisis it’s impossible.  You won’t have the worlds ear without crisis.  What was it that brought Moses to the forefront in Egypt?  Crisis.  He walked in before  Pharaoh with the Word of the Lord. The Word of the Lord was Let My People Go… Moses reluctantly but carefully carried that in and boldly stood there and said Let My People Go.  Pharaoh laughed.  Their whole economy was built on the slave labor of the backs of millions of Jews that worked for free… God said send them some flies.  Moses went back.  Pharaoh laughed.  Send them frogs… turn the nile to blood… it was not as funny as it was… you know the story.  10 plagues and each of them got subsequently worse.  Finally God said let the destroyer pass through the Land.  To the children of Israel put blood on your door posts and the destroyer will leave you alone but every first born in Egypt will die from the least cow, their firstborn to Pharoah’s own firstborn son…  Now go Moses.  Let My People Go…. The Egyptians were ready to give them their gold just to get them out of there. The loaded the children of Israel with so much gold they couldnt carry it.  How willing will the world get?  Revival like we want to see on the scope we want to see it is not possible without crisis.
Now. Where do we fit in?  Are we going to be subjugated to this crash?  No no because we are going to be prepared if we listen.  For those who prepare you will be in it but not of it. That’s why I believe God gave us a debt free strategy 5 years ago that we’ve been working on and trying to encourage people to live their lives differently.  People who dont have credit card debt and are driving paid for cars and no mortgage except their house are not going to be hurt as quickly as those who are mortgaged to the T.  It’s just the truth.  You understand that?  Do you understand there is a spiritual reason for you to handle your finances properly? Companies who have limited their debt and have some cash and then God gives you – Im not an investment advisor so I don’t want to go there.  I want to be a spiritual voice.  But I would advise you to get that.  Get good financial advice.  Build your finances on sound principals.  Ignore the way the world does it because the way the world does it doesn’t work. 
Do you understand what kind of crisis we are moving into right now internationally?  Do you know how many countries are in absolute revolt over the same kind of issues that we face? Do you know why the DOW dropped so much this week?  Because of the crisis in Greece.  Greece is about to default along with half of the other countries in the EU.  Spain is in trouble.  Portugal is in trouble.  Ireland is in trouble. On and on we go.  And what happened?  In Greece, when the government tried to pull back the reigns and introduce some austerity measures and said to the Greeks, listen you’ve got to help us here we are going to have to cut some corners and save some money or we are going to go broke.  A generation that knows nothing but that first 40 year period of “I’m Somebody” (referring to Moses being raised by the Egyptions) marched in the streets and burned businesses and turned over cars over the threat of any austerity measure.  [The people] “you aren’t cutting back anything on me. I don’t care who you’re borrowing the money from, I’m going to live my lifestyle.” Do you think that isn’t present in this country? That’s why I saw we are over the cliff and we can’t pull back.  We have spoiled a generation.  
One of the men in the church told me last week, Mike my grandma was griping to me last week about them talking about cutting back her social security.  She was upset. This guy was a good businessman.  He said Grandma, you’ve already gained more than you put in.  You put in about $30,000 and you’ve taken out about $300,000.  She’s about 88 years old and had been on it 20 something years but wants to live on it forever.  No one wants to cut anything back.  We are over the cliff.  14 trillion dollars in debt and growing every day faster than we can pay the interest.  So there is a crash coming but I’m going to liken it to the plaques of Egypt because the people of God were kept, sheltered, prospered, protected, and then stepped to the middle of the stage and said gentlemen before the play is over I’ve got a word for you.  
See that’s what brought Joseph to the forefront in Egypt. Why did he as Jew from across the border end up directing the affairs of Pharaoh?  Because of the plagues.  Because of the drought.  Everybody was starving but Joseph had a plan.  Listen a man of God who has been hearing God, living his life in such a way as to be prepared, and has a plan, is going to come out great.  
A great crash.  A great revival.  And then a great reappearing.  
That’s the way it’s going to happen.  It’s a glorious eschatology (he previously spoke about end times events) that arranged the worlds ear to listen then the last act is going to be the climatic and final act before Jesus comes back and establishes himself as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  
So when we look at the rearranging of the middle east that’s going on right now, which is really very interesting.  The price that we have paid to give people the opportunity to live free because the heart of America is so good. There is no neighbor in the world like America. There is no nation in the world that has been a neighbor to us like we have been a neighbor to them.  America is the best neighbor you can have. We will free you. Overthrow your dictator and set up free democracy and never charge you for it in countries that could pay us back (Sidebar – my political science professor taught this was called diplomacy and is how we gain unspoken control of that nation…).  Has anybody heard that somehow Iraq’s oil could pay us back?We will never be paid back.  What about the billions and billions trying to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya now who has an oil rich country?  Are they going to pay us back?  And do you think we are going to get – you can believe CNN if you want to – but if you think these rebels in the streets … it’s not better. Did you see the news out of Egypt yesterday?  That these rebels who overthrew the benevolent dictator that they had that was at least willing to work with the US and maintain a peace treaty with Israel.  Well these guys under the guise of “freedom” have taken over.  Those same people yesterday burned and sacked the Israeli embassy and sent the ambassador back to israel.  Well that’s the last step before a war. When they take over your embassy and Israel recalls their ambassador because their relationship is so bad you cant work together anymore, then that’s the last step before a war.  
So this is not good times.  Gentlemen, we cannot live in a cocoon.  Don’t keep your head in the sand. There is a great crash coming.  The world system cannot long endure.  We need answers. But God is fixing the whole thing for us.  Why do you think we have been talking about you becoming men of God…? 
You all better think about your moment on stage because in your world and in your circle of influence, God is going to take care of getting the world’s attention, then He is going to put His Word in your mouth and you are going to have the stage.  So, what do we do to be wise?  How do we survive?  Hear God. Give good advice. Take care of business.  Reduce your debt.  Love your family.  Pay your tithe.  God will take care of you and you’ll have a voice … tens of millions will be swept into the Kingdom… You need a sense of urgency.  Get a plan right now.  (He discusses Zimbabwe and Nicaragua and their rate of inflation etc and it’s not the end of the world.  it’s hard but they survive.)  
In Egypt, each covenant man was in his home.  Blood was on the door. The destroyer passed by and they were inside eating roast lamb and drinking Passover wine and celebrating with their family and outside was total chaos.  They lost nothing.
(This was only about 15-20 minutes of the 2 hour DVD. He proceeds to other topics)
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