What I Learned at Cooking School

I’m not a very good cook (in my opinion).  I can cook the basics like spaghetti and tacos, anything from a box or the freezer aisle, and can actually make some excellent crockpot meals like BBQ pulled pork or roast.  But, that’s about it.  I watch cooking shows in complete awe and just wish that I had those skills.  After all, I sure do love to eat.  So if I could prepare foods like that… YUMMO I’d be set.

My youngest son attends culinary classes at his high school tech program and they recently offered a 5 night cooking class for adults.  So guess who signed up?  (Pretend there is an emoticon of me raising my hand really high right here).

In pure social media like fashion, I “check in” at cooking class each week on Facebook.  So it’s only natural for people to ask me how cooking class is going.  So, here’s my answer.  What I Learned at Cooking School.

I have not left one class yet thinking to myself “oh man, I can’t wait to spend 2 hours going to the store, buying ingredients, messing up the kitchen, cooking, and cleaning up so that I can have some tasty grilled chicken for 15 minutes”.  Try as I might to want to develop a passion for cooking, I would still rather swing by Taco Casa and order 2 tacos for $3.00 (and definitely when the 2 for $2 special is going on).  No grocery shopping required, no cooking, no cleaning, and no mess.  Easy.  Quick.  Simple.  Affordable.  Happy.  Content.

I also learned that being physically present somewhere does not equal being passionate about something.  Pick anything.  Attending cooking class doesn’t mean you’re passionate about cooking.  Being present at church doesn’t mean you’re passionate about God.  Being present at work doesn’t mean you’re passionate about your job.  Being present at home doesn’t mean that you’re passionate about your family.  It just means that your calendar bosses you around a lot.

Watching those chefs do what they love… creating gorgeous finished products of delicious goodness … has made me want to find my passion in life again too.  There has to be more to life than merely being present when and where your calendar tells you to be.  There must be more to life than work, sleep, bills, grocery shopping, laundry, repeat.  I want to find my passion.  And I hope you find yours too :)))

Social media hugs~

I think I’m off to Taco Casa haha.

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