What I Learned from Reflux

What I Learned from Reflux… besides that I am really starting to feel old(er) LOL.

Those dang jalapenos.  I woke up this morning with heat in my mid-section so hot that I wondered if my insides were melting.  I’ve been eating pretty healthy lately so maybe that’s why last night’s trip to the ballpark wrecked complete havoc on my body.  Tums and Pepcid haven’t helped at all.  Not. At. All.  It’s so uncomfortable.  Even painful.

Just like any other Sunday, we loaded the kids up for church and arrived after the praise team had already started the first song (if you know me, you’re not shocked LOL).  Anyway…

The song To Be Like You by Hillsong began playing.  So, I closed my eyes and began to sing the words in my spirit.  “All I want, all I need, more of you, less of me.  Take this life, Lord it’s Yours, Have my heart, have it all.”  When the song was over I realized that my stomach was still burning.  But, honestly, during the period of worship, I did not notice it at all.  I didn’t even feel it.  In that moment, I was focused on God and not on myself.  Not on the uncomfortableness, and not on the pain.  Not on the physical circumstances that I found myself in.  The burning was still there, but I completely forgot it was there.

That was such a simple yet profound reminder for me this morning.  My life is truly good.  God is truly good.  I am so very blessed.  Too often, I allow myself to become focused on the painful side of life or on life’s difficulties rather than worshiping The One who can truly give me peace and make me forget that the pain is even there.

The pastor then shared one of my favorite quotes that I frequently see on twitter. “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Yes. Yes. Yes.  Only God can use reflux and heartburn to teach a lesson right LOL?

Social media hugs bloggers~

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