Inspiration Today – Who Inspires You and Why?

I love following people who inspire me on social media.  People who are doing and living out their passions in open view such as pastors, politicians, motivational speakers and fitness instructors including Shaun T of T25, Zig Ziglar, Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer, Mark Batterson and my new favorite politician James Lankford from TEXAS who represents Oklahomans in Washington.  (Sidebar – Honestly, I’ve pretty much stopped following pastors and “spiritual leaders” because they are becoming this strange sort of fitness geek in a pastor worship society who pretty much just shares family photos, advertises church social events, and discusses their next running event or miles swam via a fitness training app.  That’s great, but I’ve got personal trainers I follow for physical training.  When I’m following a pastor on social media I want spiritual motivation, discipleship reminders, and blogs or video clips relevant to my daily life.  Thank you Village Church!  Yes, post your miles biked and continue to minister to the fitness society, but please keep sharing verses that convicted you or a spiritual word of encouragement to the sheep too.  Feed the sheep.  Anyway… sidebar over.  Thanks for listening.)

This politician.  Be still my heart.  On January 1, 2013, I read Day 1 of the 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson.  It said “not unlike Daniel’s improbable rise to political power, Jim’s path was full of unpredictable twists and turns… Jim was directing one of the largest Christian camps in the country and preaching on weekends… [He] didn’t have a political bone in his body… no background, no network, no resources.  There was no way he could win – unless, of course, the front-runner happened to drop out… Jim Lankford was elected to represent the 5th Congressional District of Oklahoma.” And I’ve been following Mr. Lankford on social media ever since and am beyond impressed.  Trust me – it takes A LOT to impress me – so that’s a very high compliment.  I definitely don’t agree with everything he says or believes, but I’m nevertheless impressed and am definitely inspired.

If his Wikipedia bio is correct, he went from attending seminary school and leading student ministries and evangelism for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma to writing letters to the President of the United States as a current Senator.  He’s never been to law school, was not a politician yet sponsors legislation and is participating in the political realm like a pro.  He took his personal passions and convictions and turned them into leadership on a large scale in one of the most influential and important arenas in the United States of America.   It gives me goose bumps.

Me personally, I’m like a distracted Golden Retriever (Squirrel!) who gets all excited and passionate to chase a squirrel but then gets distracted and ends up chasing a butterfly to a stream then realizes its thirsty and reaches down to get a drink but then is clumsy losing its footing and falls in and then needs a bath who, 2 hours and 10 events later, forgets about the squirrel until it sees it a week later.  Yep, that’s daily life in my A-D-D head.  So….

People like Jim Lankford truly inspire me more than words can express.

Who inspires you and why?

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3 Responses to Inspiration Today – Who Inspires You and Why?

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  2. mrsmariposa2014 says:

    As one born an Okie, I am pleased to read about this gentleman. Politics frankly depress me, so I am terrible about following them. But, this guy I think I will research. As to my own inspirations, I have nearly fully stopped following most pastors in the limelight due to shallowness.I really look up to my pastor’s wife, however. She came from very raw circumstances to a life full of love of the Lord and others. She’s real, she’s personable, never haughty or holier-than-thou. Her compassionate yet firm hold on the truth calls me to aspire for the same.

    • godizreal says:

      Due to shallowness …. bahahaha. I love that description LOL. Political games depress me too but I’m still so thankful to live in a country that is a democracy and grants me the right to participate in the election process. I’m so thankful I have the freedom to worship, free speech and the ability to watch congress on CSPAN should I choose to do so. That part I love. And yaye about your preacher’s wife. That’s great great great.

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