God’s Flower Child

I was at church this morning listening to one of the worship songs and it began to remind me of my faith conversion.  The song mentioned something about being broken.  Oh how that made me laugh on the inside.  My life has always been broken.  I was like “Oh Lord, I’ve been broken enough, please put me back together LOL.”  That’s restoration.  When a car is being restored, first it gets sanded down to remove the rough edges.  Sometimes parts get taken off entirely so that they can be repaired or even completely replaced.  Ouch.  Restoration is not always fun but the finished product is absolutely amazing.

Some people think that growing up in church, attending life groups, tithing and serving on mission trips saves them.  They believe they are saved and justified by church works.  That makes them feel good about themselves.  Or it’s what they don’t do.  They don’t ever drink, smoke or cuss.  However, though those are very good things, church works and rule following are not what saves us.  Our confidence cannot come from what we do (or don’t do), but from Who our Father is and what He did for us.

Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  There is no one righteous.  No not one.  Regardless of how often you serve in church, you are still nothing without God and your righteousness is that of filthy rags.  Of all the people that Jesus spoke out against, it was the Pharisees in the temple who looked down on others.  Oh yes, the Bible taught me that despite my spotted past and wrong choices, we are all on the same playing field and no one is better than anyone else.

But, connected to God… being His child… Wow!  That’s another thing.  Think of our former President George W. Bush.  What do you remember about this daughter?  Do you remember her name?  What she looked like?  What she accomplished? If she passed you at the grocery store today would you recognize her?  Or do you know her only because of her connection to the President.   Who her father is.  That’s me.  God’s flower child.  Instead of having the secret service to protect me I have spiritual authority and angels.  Any blessings and favor that I have are directly connected to my Heavenly Father and who He is.  Not me and what I’ve done.  Without Him, I would not even be known.

For me, that’s a great reminder.  This journey is not about the works that we do or how long we’ve been in church, but about God’s work on us and in us as He works to restore us, body damage and all, into what He created us to be.  Just be His.

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