Recharging Your Heart

I was watching a recording of Joyce Meyer’s program yesterday morning and she said something that just really struck me.  She said that a family member had one of those old pacemaker’s a long time ago and unless he charged it up, he would die.  It wouldn’t work.  Likewise, we have to plug into our power source – God – in order to fully function (live).

I’ve heard sermons before about the importance of being “plugged in” and staying “connected” to God.  But I did not think much about the draining process, the losing our charge aspect.  If we just stayed full all of the time we would never need to be recharged.  Did God forget to give us automatic rechargeable batteries?  Or are we designed this way on purpose so that we must continue to return to our ultimate power source?

Life has a way of just happening and it’s not always pleasant.  Just this week an acquaintance of mine’s son was involved in a snowboarding accident and was badly hurt requiring care flight and hospitalization.  Another friend’s husband was hospitalized for a scull bone procedure.  Another friend is going through her first year as a widow – her first Christmas and New Year without him.  Another friend who battles infertility required a hysterectomy making it official that she will never give birth to children of her own.  Another friend is going through a third round of company layoffs with no guarantee of employment in the near future.  REAL LIFE is difficult.  REAL LIFE is draining.  REAL LIFE is hard.  The ONLY way we can keep normal life from draining us is by recharging our hearts and connecting to our creator.

I know that I hardly ever – if EVER – forget to charge my iPad.  When that 10% battery life warning pops up, I’m on it.  Extension cord and all if needed.  If only I could gauge my own heart and see and hear that “low battery” warning a little better.  Sometimes it feels like I don’t notice the low battery or low fuel gauge warnings of life until I’m completely out of gas or the charge is fully depleted.  Then I need roadside assistance emergency crews to come help which costs twice the price and is a big headache.

Lord, help me to read my battery life better and to make it a habit to recharge my heart more frequently to avoid shut down.

And thanks Mama Joyce for the reminder.

Iced tea cheers your way friends.

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