Vision – Living Your Dreams

Vision.  I’ve heard so much about vision.  Companies tell you to create Vision Boards.  People say that if you can see your dreams, you can achieve them.  Coaches tell their athletes to envision themselves completing their race within a certain time frame.

I had an ah-hah moment yesterday at work.  Years and years ago, I’m talking 15-20 years ago, I decided that I was going to work for a 40 under 40 lawyer and a Super Lawyer at a reputable law firm.  I was also going to have a cute dog and a convertible.  Each year I kept my bosses “Best Lawyers in Texas” issue to hold onto for future employment.  If I ever moved to DFW, those were the law firms that I was going to apply to.  I had a vision.  A dream.  A goal.

Honestly, over the next 15 years, I forgot about that and got fully preoccupied by the weekly ruts of life.  I still got giddy like a little kid when I saw people drive by in convertibles and I still wanted to cuddle every puppy that I saw.  But, I ended up far more focused on getting kids off to school, working, paying bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry, repeat… repeat… repeat.  I’m a very diligent worker but since work is never done, it’s very easy for me to get lost in the process.  Fast forward 15-20 years to present day.

Yesterday my boss asked me to calendar his 40 Under 40 award dinner and it was like Ah-Hah.  I always wanted to work for an attorney who made that cut.  And I looked at my life and realized that I have everything that I have ever wanted, dreamed, and envisioned.  Right here in this moment right now.  The cute Yorkie, the fun convertible, and the full time position with a law firm that has some of the best of the best employed there including the 40 Under 40 and Super Lawyers of DFW.  Only I did not even notice it.  Sadly, in this stage of life (work, kids, homework, meetings at the high school, drivers ed, college prep, PTA events, laundry, groceries, more laundry, finding new car insurance, setting doctor appointments, dentist appointments,  grooming appointments, and this very long list of tasks that seem will never be completed),  it did not even feel like an accomplishment.  But it is.

I need to step back from the “to do list” long enough to savor this moment for what it is.  I am living my dream.  My desires and hopes are a reality.  They became a reality.  They are real right here and right now.  There truly is power in having visions, dreams and goals.  My notes to self:

Never give up.  Never quit.  Keep pressing forward.  And most importantly, stop long enough to see the rewards.  They are real and tangible and sometimes are right in front of you but you get too busy working on the current task to notice them.

I truly hope and pray that the people that I love will have their dreams and visions become a reality too.  Have vision.  Dream big.  And stop long enough to enjoy the rewards along the way.

Social media hugs your way.

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