More Blended Family Hell? Or, Peace?

Deep breath in….. sloooooow exhale. Ahhhhhhh, finally that moment to clear my mind. The one place on earth where I am free. My journals.

The past few weeks I have had so many people share their blended family hell on earth stories with me including a woman at work who had no idea about our blended family struggles or this blog. She just needed someone to talk to and there I was alone in the lunch room.  Her daughter has been married to her son-in-law for 7 or 8 years and has been in his girls lives since they were ages 1 & 2. Now the girls are older and the biological mom is attacking her. The bio mom called CPS on her daughter, had her son-in-law served, and is going for full custody of the girls instead of alternating weeks because the stepmom disciplined the oldest girl and it angered the bio mom. Sounds about right.  It’s like www dot bitter ex dot com. The struggle is real. No doubt.  And with 50% of marriages ending in divorce, I’d say it’s going to keep getting a whole lot worse.  Especially living in this day and age where the kids are telling the parents how they better treat them, or else.  I don’t even want to imagine where this current generation will be in 25 years.  Geez.

Anyway, after hearing all of these stories recently, I’ve been talking with hubby about the need to start a support group specifically for blended families. The life group lists at church include seniors, singles, young marrieds, parents of teens, etc. so why not have a blended family group?  We could call it “The Real Stepfamilies of Dallas” (like the Real Housewives) or “All in the Blended Family” (like All in the Family), or “Modern Family – Blended Blue Ray edition” haha. You get the idea right?

No, the world does not respect your blended family. But God does. And ultimately, isn’t He the only one who matters anyway? We are to teach our children to honor positions of power and authority whether it is a parent, stepparent, teacher, police officer, etc. It is so important to teach them to treat others with honor. Will the world honor your position as a stepparent or stepfamily? No.  But that’s ok. The world is not our audience. God is our audience.

Last week at church, the pastor spoke about water baptism and something he said really struck me, so I made a note about it in my sermon journal. He said, once you accept Christ into your life, you don’t have to live like its “hell on earth” anymore. God did not come only to give us eternal life so we can have a ticket to heaven. We are free now. The chains are gone.  His “we don’t have to live like it’s HELL ON EARTH” immediately reminded me of
Blended Family Hell on Earth.  Has my situation changed?  Absolutely not.  It’s only gotten worse as more time has gone by.  But my perspective has changed.

The pastor is right. Though some days are stressful, I am no longer a slave to “hell on earth” of any kind be it blended family hell, financial hell, health hell, etc.  Others may be able to upset our emotions for a short period of time, but they cannot determine our thoughts afterward unless we give them the power to.  Can I make the world respect our blended family? Absolutely not. The world doesn’t even respect traditional marriage or family, so why on earth would it respect our blended family?

But guess what? Jesus said “in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.
Peace. I have been given peace by the Prince of Peace. And that is more than enough.

Social media hugs.

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