I’m Not Going to Not Tell My Story

That’s what the Advocare rep said last night at the mixer. We were meeting other couples who had taken or were on the 24 Day Challenge. When she started discussing the “business opportunity” side, she said “I’m not going to not tell my story.” You may not be interested in Advocare as a business right now, but if you end up being interested, that is when you will remember my story. So, I’m going to share it no matter what.

Ding ding ding ding ding. That’s what we are supposed to be doing about God right? It is not up to us to determine when someone is ready to receive the gospel, it is just our responsibility to share it with regard to our own lives.  Advocare might have changed my life for the better, but nothing like my faith walk has.  Yet, I rarely share my story with others.  Can you imagine if we shared our stories about how Christ has changed us for the better with the same passion that we share how our vitamin supplements have?  I need to think on that for awhile and challenge myself to be more open about my faith with others. 

I am either sharing my testimony or not. I am either part of the great commission or the great omission.

Oh Lord, help me have the view that “I’m not going to not share my story”. That alone would be one heck of a great place to start.

Just another faith lesson while navigating the roads of life.

Social media hugs.

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